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Needle Crossings sells "wholesale" to
 retail shops only".
If you are a stitcher and like what you
see, please contact your local Needlepoint
 Shop for purchasing information. 
You can also visit the Retail Shops Page
 on our website and contact any
shop listed, for assistance.
Needle Crossings offers hand
painted, stitch painted needlepoint
designs with a whimsical twist. 
Our designs are detailed yet extremely
easy to stitch.
We offer a wide array of subject matter.
  And although anything "Seaside" is a
favorite of ours, there are plenty of
designs for the Nature Lover, Animal
Lover, Gardener, Architecture Buff,
Historian, Bird Watcher, Traveler and
those who love to Celebrate the Holidays!
Browse Our Website
and ENJOY!!!
... and come back often -
we're always 
adding new designs to
our collection!
Our Newsletter
We know that many of our "stitching
friends" visit our website often and we so
appreciate such interest in our designs. 
With that thought in mind, we've decided
to offer our newsletter to all interested
Our monthly newsletter usually contains
a new needlepoint design fresh from the
paint brush and before it appears on our
  We often picture a companion
or coordinating canvas with a similar
theme...we like to think in terms of
decorating...multiples are good!
Seasonal subjects and Holiday themes
are always fun, so of course, you'll see
some "seasonally appropriate" oldies
And you never know what else
you may see.
If you'd like to receive our
Newsletter and join our mailing  list-
e-mail me at
and give me your Name, City
and State and e-mail Address

Happy Stitching!!!
































* Belts
                * Birds, Butterflies & "Bugs"                  
                * Brick Covers & Banners                  
                * Cute Cats                  
                * It's Christmas                  
                * Cocktails & Coasters                  
                * Covered Bridges, Country
   Scenes & Historic Places
* Creatures and Critters
   of Land and Sea
                * A Few Good Dogs                  
                * Flowers                  
                * Fobs Eyeglass Cases
   & Purses
                * Frogs and Frames                  
                * Houses - Victorian,
   Tropical & more
                * Lighthouses                  
                * Seashore Sights                  
                * Signs, Sayings and Quotes                  
                * This, That and the Other                  
                * Tropical Topics