Updated July 2015


Fabulous Finished Needlepoint 


Don't just sit there,"Stitch"!
... then frame it, pillow it, box it, put it in a mirror,
 use it as an ornament...the possibilities are endless.
#1210 Ponce de Leon Lt.
These Beautiful Models were stitched by Terry from The Flying Needles
in Belleair Bluffs, Florida.  On my recent visit there, she was gracious enough
to take them off of her walls at home to let me see her finished pieces...always a thrill for me.
All are stitched on 13 Mesh using some beautiful decorative stitches,
and she added some sparkles, too!
The birds not highlighted below are #1601 Great Blue Heron
and #1602 Great Egret (above left)
and the White Lighthouse above left is #113 Cape Florida Light

Thank You, Terry...your work is beautiful!
                                #1603 Sandhill
#1606 Pink Flamingo            #1605 Brown Pelican                                                                                  
                                (left to right - #120 Nauset Lt., #130 Boston Lt., #129 Gay Head Lt., #138 Coquille River Lt., #1206 Yaquina Bay Lt.
#126 Pt. Fermin Lt., #118 Turtle Rock Lt.., #128 Old Pt. Loma, #1204 Hooper Strait Lt., #1203 Thomas Point Lt.)

Wow...the fabulous stitching just goes on and on!

This beautiful "collection of lighthouses" was beautifully & methodically stitched
by Linda from Brookings, Oregon.  Formerly from the East Coast, Linda found the
canvases for this work of art from
Needlepoint in Paradise in Naples, Florida.
The stitching is beautiful and I just love the concept of matting & framing
the lighthouses as a group, it just looks great.

What an accomplishment...thanks for your "lighthouse loyalty" and the photo, Linda!
Put a Bird on a Bag!

That's what Sally from Scrim Discovery
in Ocean City, NJ
did with these bird canvases.
#1622 "Sanderlings"
#1615 "Tri-Colored Heron".
The stitching and colors are beautiful
and they both look fabulous as additions to
these colorful striped totes.

Thanks, Sally!
                                What a Fabulous Fob...for keys, that is.  This is canvas #1355 Starfish and Sea.
This beautiful Key Fob fits the bill for the Sea and Shore lover.
And this small canvas also makes a really cute bookmark, perfect for summer reading.
It stitches up quickly on 13 Mesh...great gift!  Finishing and photo from Needle Me!
The Fabulous Finishing is courtesy of Needle Me in Havertown, PA
                  Thank You, Marcie!    

Needle Crossings' own resident stitcher, Herb
has really been busy.  Aside from his regular
duties as manager of Shipping and
 Receiving here at our studio,
 he's been stitching up a storm.
Herb's first project was the Sand Dollar (#101)
displayed beautifully in this white tray
...love the fabric mat!
The Starfish (#104) quickly followed and
now "stars" in this great "seashore-y" mirror
(both shown at left).
And then he tackled the Lighthouse. 
It's #321 Coastal Scene, but it is really
the Cape Neddick Lighthouse in Maine
and makes such a pretty pillow
as you can see above.
Now this is ingenius!
I met Ginny from Yarn Explosion in Roanoke, VA
at a TNNA show where she ordered
#2890 "Oh, Christmas Tree" for herself to stitch...
and she told me of her plans for
"finishing" the tree.
And here it is!
Her stitching and embellishments and
thread choices are lovely,
but then she finished it, as planned,
in a shadow box frame
and added REAL LIGHTS
...tiny craft lights using batteries.
How Clever is this??!!

Thanks so much, Ginny, for sharing your idea and photo!
                                Isn't this beautiful?

This is also #2890
"Oh, Christmas Tree"

Here, the stitcher took a
more traditional approach
to the Christmas Tree.

She added lots of "sparkle"
but not a lot of "bling"
to the ornaments and gifts.

It is elegantly finished with
 green velvet and gold metallic
mats and a gold frame.

Truely a Christmas Heirloom!

Photo from Needle Me
Havertown, PA


This pretty 
Christmas Cat is "Noel"
The "real "Noel
lives with Lynn Mason
and her family in Virginia
and Lynn beautifully stitched  
this canvas #3137 

Thanks for the Photo, Lynn.

This is #1763
Bucket of Shells and Holly Ornament.
It was beautifully stitched by
Marcie from Needle Me
in Havertown, PA

Love the added sparkles and cording...
perfect to hang on any shell lovers' tree.

Thanks, Marcie!
This is #372, our Paddle-Boarding Ornament
The ornament on the left is #336, our Lifeboat Ornament
and on the right is #331 Beach Ball Ornament
Here they were personalized "Ocean City" as great souvenirs for a great summer vacation spot.
The photos of these fun finished ornaments were sent to us
by Sally from Scrim Discovery in Ocean City, NJ     Thanks, Sally!
This ornament  #08-5 "Spring Gazebo" is a great example
of using your imagination and making something small
into something personal and memorable.

Stephanie took this little canvas, changed some colors to
reflect an actual Gazebo used for a ceremony,

added names and dates as a border,
and then matted and framed it. 

A lasting keepsake for the newlyweds...
first, because it's lovely, but especially because
you took the time to make something special for them.
That's what Needlepoint is all about!

Stephanie, Thanks and Congratulations to all of you!

This is #2105 Seashell Wreath
It was beautifully stitched by Colette from
Longboat Key and finished as a pillow
that's just perfect for a seaside Florida home.
The decorative background stitch is a wonderful
choice and looks beautiful here.

Eddie from
Silk Road Needle Arts
in St. Petersburg, FL
shared Colette's pillow with us...

Thanks Colette and Eddie!

I just love this tray!

This is #2622 "Sanderlings in the Surf"
Normally a 14" x 10" canvas, Kay cropped a few
stitches on the sides and added a few stitches to the top and bottom
(You really can do that, it's OK!)
and created the perfect size canvas to make a really great tray.
Kay's beautiful stitching and imagination made
another perfect addition to a seaside home or
any beach lovers' home.

Kathy from Needlepoint Alley in
North Palm Beach, FL shared the photo
with us.

Thanks Kathy and Kay!

This is Canvas #1601
Great Blue Heron
The Heron was beautifully stitched
by Liz from Needlewoman East
in Falls Church, VA
and looks great here as a pillow insert
Thanks, Liz!
To the left is canvas #1627
 "Bird Boys - Cockatiels".

To the right, is the beautifully
stitched design finished
as a pillow by
Marcie from Needle Me
in Havertown, PA.

As you can see,
Marcie made some changes.
It's always OK to
personalize any design,
but on this one she really 
can do whatever she wants...
they're her birds.
And aren't they pretty,
sweet birds?

This is Canvas #901
"Dog Tired"

The tired dogs in this design
are Maddie and Daisy
and they were stitched and pillowed
by their Mom, Marcie
from Needle Me in Havertown, PA.
Marcie added a border to this design
and it looks great.

Love the pillow,
Love the furry girls!

Thanks to Marcie, Maddie & Daisy!!

This is canvas #608 "Living on the Water"
It was so beautifully stitched by Madalaina from Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont, NY
Pretty colors, pretty stitches...just love it!  Thanks, Madalaina!!

Here is canvas #2607
Our "Loon & Lupines Brick Cover".
This perfect New England accent piece
is right at home at
 B.F. Goodstitch
in Salem, MA
Thanks, Fidelis!




Love this Crab in the pretty red frame...perfect!

This is Canvas #167  Crab on Tablecloth
Stitched so beautifully and matted & framed
by Kathy from Needlepoint Alley of Palm Beach,
North Palm Beach, FL














Here is Canvas #160
"Dusk on the Boardwalk"

The canvas framed with the mirror was custom made
just for this design.
The stitcher did a beautiful job with her stitching
and choice of  finishing...
love the color!

Marcie from Needle Me in Havertown, PA
sent us the photo...Thanks, Marcie,!
This is Sedona - Canvas #606 
 Beautifully stitched by Marcie from Needle Me in Havertown, PA
Marcie had her canvas finished as a bolster pillow, which adorns her loveseat.
Now she can be reminded of one of her favorite places with just a glance at her pillow.
So pretty, and just love the Bolster idea!

Here we are in Sedona again!  
Debbie from In Stitches Needlepoint in Lake Worth, FL
stitched canvas #606 and it looks lovely. 
Sedona is also one of  Debbie's favorite places and she chose to frame her
canvas and place it above her bed---fits perfectly and looks great.  
Now she can just look up and "dream" about that beautiful place.
   This is "Midge" 
     Canvas #3118
       on 18 Mesh
     Finished as an
        insert for a
 Double Ruffled Pillow




Here are 
"Tom & Shelly"
(two favorite felines)
Canvas #3103
on 13 Mesh
Finished here as an 
insert for a pillow
      Canvas #1001 on 18 Mesh
 "Barronvale Covered Bridge"
          in Pennsylvania
   Double matted and framed
   ...and beautifully stitched
        by Eileen Kornblum
           Thanks for the photo, Eileen!



What a cute pillow!

Canvas #107 
"Beach Slippers" 
on 18 Mesh
Nicely stitched and finished
as an insert for a
great accent pillow.
Courtesy of
The Flying Needles
in Belleair Bluffs, Florida
   Lovely coordinating
       pair of pillows.
    Shown are canvases
   #214 "Aztec Lily"and
    #215 "Climing Lily"
       both on 13 Mesh
     Beautifully stitched
    by Eddie Williams of
   Silk Road Needle Arts
  St. Petersburg, Florida
Here is another work of art from Eddie of Silk Road Needle Arts in St. Petersburg, FL
This is canvas #2138 "Palm Beach" stitched with Splendor Silk Floss and
using Silk Lame for the highlights in the sky and water.
Looks so lovely matted and framed!  Thanks for the photo, Eddie!!

Erin from Needlepoint Land,
a new shop in Stuart, Florida
stitched our Key West Bungalow #825

She used a beautiful technique of fiber blending
on the sky, to give the color gradations
that make it look so realistic.
Her decorative stitches in other areas add even more interest and dimension....and love the framing.

Thanks, Erin!

Canvas # 3113
   "Cats on Fence"on 13 Mesh
     -a perfect fit for this 
     key holder from Sudberry
     Beautifully done with 
    decorative stitches 
       by Terri Carsley ... 
          with gracious instruction by
           Charlene from 
        Needle Hearts ,  Tarzana, CA
        Great first project, Terri---Thanks!

              And Thanks to you, too, Charlene!!!



     "Cally Cat in Kitchen" 
         is canvas #3106
         This sweet boy 
          is on 13 Mesh 
       and finished here
       as a pillow insert.


A pretty flower
and a pretty girl cat.
This is Canvas #3112
"Dodie Cat with
Bird of Paradise"
Matted here and 
ready for framing. 



Canvas #212 is "Iris"
          On 18 Mesh 
    this is a perfect size
           (5" Square)
    for use as a box insert 
   It looks beautiful in this
  white box from Sudberry.
This is Canvas #201
"Pink Water Lily"
Beautifully done on
13 Mesh with
decorative stitches.
Pictured here, it is 
double matted and
ready for framing.


  Canvas # 2101
 "Song of the Sea"
   Perfect for the lover of the 
        sea and its treasures. 
Offered on 13 Mesh,  
 the background lends itself nicely  to decorative stitching        
 Our model is Double Matted
      and ready for framing. 




      Here is Canvas #211
        "Pink Amaryllis"
       It looks pretty here
       finished as an
          insert for a fringed pillow.


      Canvas #150 
       "Lemonade Stand"
   brings back great memories
     of days on the boardwalk
      near the seashore's edge
     At 5" Square on 18 Mesh, 
            it makes a great
    insert for this Sudberry Box




 This is Design #190
"The Gingerbread House"
Here you can see the stitch
painted canvas on 18 mesh
and the stitched model,
finished as a pillow insert.
Lovely Accent Pillow!



      This is  #189
    "Inn at 22 Jackson"
      Here it is stitched
           on 18 Mesh
 (also available on 13 Mesh
     at a larger design size)
Looks great custom framed 
        with a fabric mat.



Above is #405 -"Elfreth's Alley"  ...and also #149 - "By the Seaside" 
Both are stitched on 18 Mesh and used as mirror inserts
 Love the way they both look!


This Canvas has not yet gone to the finisher, 
but is too lovely not to include here.
It's  #213 Pink Lily on 13 Mesh.
This model was beautifully 
stitched by Ruth Dilts. 
Of course, Ruth created the 
stitch guide!  She used a variety of 
wonderful decorative stitches 
using Rainbow Gallery Threads.
Thanks for everything, Ruth!