...then frame it, pillow it, box it, put it in a mirror,
use it as an ornament...the possibilities are endless.

    Updated November 2018               If you have any finished "Needle Crosssings" projects you'd like to share, please e-mail a photo...everyone would love to see it!
                                                    And if your piece is pictured here and your name or shop isn't (sometimes I have the photo and misplace the info) let me know!!
            #772 Dragonfly (left)-"Scrim Discovery" Ocean City, NJ ***#165 Lobster Catch as Fabulous Clutch
   #704 Mermaid (right, with a few Changes)"Needle Me"-Havertown, PA
            #608 Living on the Water by Madalena - "Stitch by Stitch"-Larchmont, NY              
            #1626 White Ibis stitched by Herb from Needle Crossings***#201 Pink Water Lily***#834 Tropical Bungalow - "Island Needleworks"-Key West, FL              
            #113 Cape Florida Light by Terry - "The Flying Needles"-Belleair Bluffs, FL***And in the works with a plan by Irma from Fairlawn, NJ is #162 To the Beach              
            #107 Beach Slippers (left) "The Flying Needles"***#167 Crab on Tablecloth from "Needlepoint Alley" Lake Park, FL
#2145 Beach Chairs B.C. (right) by Barbara - "The Village Ewe" Old Greenwich, CT
            #2138 Palm Beach (left) stitched by Eddie from "Silk Road Needle Arts" in St. Petersburg, FL
#1627 Bird Boys stitched (right, with a few changes) by Marcie from "Needle Me"-Havertown, PA
            #3129 Black & White Pillow Cat" by Elaine - "Sea Needles"-Bethany Beach, DE***#615 "Pastel Houses by Herb from Needle Crossings***#150 "Lemonade Stand"              
            #606 Sedona - stitched and finished as a bolster pillow by Marcie from "Needle Me"-Havertown, PA              
            NM-002  Ruby Flip Flops-"Needle Me-PA"***#152 Lucy the Elephant-"Scrim Discovery"-NJ***NM-005 Large Rainbow Frog by Eddie -"Silk Road Needle Arts" - FL              
            #214 Aztec Lily & #215 Climbing Lily stitched by Eddie from "Silk Road Needle Arts"-St. Petersburg, FL***#3112 Dodie Cat with Bird of Paradise               
            #606 Sedona beautifully stitched and framed by Debbie from Florida                
            #189 Inn at 22 Jackson***#2101 Song of the Sea***#1605 Brown Pelican Head by Terry - "The Flying Needles"- FL                
            #212 Iris in White Box*** #620 Pet-Vet  fabulously stitched by Katie with stitch guide by Connie and shared by Nashville Needleworks - TN              
            #2207 Jupiter Lighthouse (left) by Jan from Florida***#1622 Sanderlings & #1615 Tri-colored Heron-on totes-"Scrim Discovery"- Ocean City, NJ
#2601 Gr. Blue Heron (right) by Barbara-CT & FL  
            #1825 Crab 4" Sq. and #1824 Lobster 4" Sq. as coasters by Linda from OR *** #2607 Loon & Lupines Brick Cover from B.F. Goodstitch-Salem, MA              
            #1606 Pink Flamingo Head and # 1626 White Ibis Head - gorgeous pillows by Barbara - "The Village Ewe" - Old Greenwich, CT               
            E-1456 Flip Flop Eyeglass Case (left--yes, EGC, but matted and put in a tray) by "Needle Me"-PA***#1210 Ponce de Leon Lt. by Terry-FL***#2104 Lifeboat pillow by Barbara from CT & FL              
            #160 Dusk on the Boardwalk "wonderfully personalized" and stitched by Lois -"Stitching Pretty" in Eatontown, NJ*** #2146 Shady Beach pillow by Barbara from CT and FL                
            #1606 Pink Flamingo by Terry -"The Flying Needles"-Belleair Bluffs, FL***#6011 Summer House Brick Cover from "Beyond Knits and Needles"-Caldwell, NJ               
            #1601 Great Blue Heron (left) gorgeous pillow from "Scrim Discovery" O.C., NJ** *#1630 Roseate Spoonbills on Water stitched by Herb from Needle Crossings
#1602 Great Egret (right) from Terry-"Flying Needles"-Belleair Bluffs, FL
            #2153 Crab Net Brick Cover from Needle Me and #1622-4 Sanderlings 4" Square from Scrim Discovery              
            #1501 Monarch Butterfly -pretty tray- from "Scrim Discovery"-Ocean City, NJ
NM-001 Birdhouses - matted and framed & as a pillow, both so fabulous from "Needle Me"-Havertown, PA 
            #4011 Philadelphia Museum of Art & Waterworks - What a Wonderful project!               
            Cats, Cats, Cats!  #3103 Tom & Shelly *** #3104 Parlor Cats from "Scrim Discovery-O.C., NJ *** #3106 Cally Cat in Kitchen                
                 #1616 Green-backed Heron (left) stitched by Ann from Spartanburg, SC
NM-007 Small Dotted Frog-s (right with some color changes) and #7097 Beach Girl Frog - from "Needle Me"-PA
                                                                                                  #185 Dr. Henry Hunt House (left, top) & #195 Ann Starrett Mansion (left, bottom) by Janice from MA
                                                                                                     #825 Key West Bungalow (center, top) by Erin from "Needlepoint Land" Stuart, FL
                                                                                                               #190 Gingerbread House (center, bottom)***#405 Elfreth's Alley (right)
                          #4012 Philadelphia Boathouse Row as a bench seat from "Needle Me"-Havertown, PA              
            #903 Airedale Terrior (left) and  #3128 Bookworm Bandy (right) from "Scrim Discovery" Ocean City, NJ
#08-5 Spring Gazebo (above, center) as a very creative Wedding Sampler from Stephanie
            This wonderful collection of stitched lighthouses is from Linda in OR who started these while living near "Needlepoint in Paradise"-Naples, FL
Left to right-#120 Nauset Light-MA, #130 Boston Light-MA, #129 Gay Head Light-MA, #138 Coquille River Light-OR, #1206 Yaquina Bay Light-OR
#126 Pt. Fermin Light-CA, #118 Turtle Rock Light-PA, #128 Old Point Loma Light-CA, #1204 Hooper Strait Light-MD, #1203 Thomas Point Light-MD
            #3146 Misty Belle (left) from Linda in OR***#704 Mermaid as an inventive mail holder from "Scrim Discovery" O.C., NJ
#1001 Barronvale Covered Bridge (above, right) beautifully stitched by Eileen
                        #2621 Blue Heron Trilogy stitched by Needle Crossings' own, Herb***#2622-SP Sanderlings in Surf 12" Square by Barbara-CT & FL              
              #1316 Reto Circles Fob***#377-S Dragonfly Luggage Tag-"Scrim Discovery"***#1355 Starfish and Sea Fob              
            #3117 Snow Under Christmas Tree*** #901 Dog Tired by Marcie with a lovely added border--both finished by "Needle Me"              
            #1354 Sand Dollar Fob--finished here as a bookmark and NM-003 Bar Sampler as a pin cusion and a fab framed piece by Herb - All finished by Needle Me              
                  #372 Paddleboard Orn.***#1763 Bucket of Shells/Holly***#1752-B Starfish Mini Stkg.(blue) & #1785 Poinsettia Tree by Anne-SC***#1733 Gray Tabby Orn.              
            #1603 Sandhill Crane (left) by Terry from FL***#703 Sand Castle stitched (always with a few changes...love this) by Marcie -"Needle Me"-PA
#1629 White Pelican (above, right) by Barbara-FL & CT
            #703 Sand Castle (left) framed & matted with cork for hanging beach tags-a NJ shore tradition-from "Scrim Discovery"-O.C., NJ
#604A The Beach pillow (center)***#3129 Bl. & Wt. Pillow Cat (right) framed
                                  #144 Beach Towels (cork board) & #104 Starfish (mirror), both by Herb-Needle Crossings & framed by "Needle Me"***#148 By the Seaside                    
            #519 All That Jazz Belt and #518 Charleston Rainbow Row Belt              
            #3138 Undercover Cat (left) and #3137 Noel (right) from "Scrim Discovery"-Ocean City, NJ
#3113 Cats on Fence (center) by Terri Carsley with help from "Needle Hearts"-Tarzana, CA
            #4012 Philadelphia Boathouse Row framed by "Needle Me"-Havertown, PA              
            #2207 Jupiter Light House (left) by Laurie from "Marion's Nimble Needle"-Boca Raton, FL***#1222 Scituate Light (center) by Janice from MA
#2105 Seashell Wreath from "Silk Road Needle Arts" St. Petersburg, FL
                  #2890 Oh, Christmas Tree (left) a traditional look from "Needle Me"-PA and (right) is a fun option,
      framed in a shadowbox with REAL lights by Ginny from "Yarn Explosion"-Roanoke, VA
            #321 Coastal Scene (Nubble Lt.) by Herb***#344 Mermaid Orn. in handmade box from "Scrim Discovery"-NJ***#909 Patriotic Pup by Linda from OR              
            NM-013 Grandma with Border (with a few color changes) from "Needle Me"-Havertown, PA              
            #211 Pink Amaryllis pillow (left)*** #3137 Noel stitched by Lynn (pretty Noel's Mom) *** #3118 Midge as a pillow insert (right)              
               Sometimes it's just about the STITCHING!                    
            The canvases below haven't yet been framed or pillowed or finished in some other spectacular way but,
the stitching on both is so creative and beautiful...from the intricate, decorative stitches used to the wonderful and varied fibers. 
                                                             #213 Pink Lily perfectly stitched by                                                                                   #852 Nantucket Cedar Shake House
                                 (and a stitch guide made by) Ruth Dilts using a variety                                                     here is so beautifully stitched by Janice V. from MA.  
                                   of stitches and Rainbow Gallery Threads-Gorgeous!                                    The wonderful dimensions created by the decorative stitches are just lovely.
            After you enjoy the Stitching,              
            Have fun with the Finishing!